Jan. 19th, 2017

torachan: close-up of a sleepy kitten face (sleepy molly)
1. It rained today and is supposed to rain a lot for the next few days!

2. This morning I got up from my chair here in the computer room and realised my pants were wet and at first I was afraid Jasper had peed on the blanket that's on my chair, but upon closer inspection, it didn't smell like pee, just cat food, so either he barfed a bit or stepped in his food and wiped it on the blanket, either of which is better than him peeing on something.

3. Tonight after I got off work, we went down to the mall to go to Cheesecake Factory. We just got an appetizer and cheesecake, but even the appetizer ended up being too filling for us to eat the cheesecake, so we brought that home and were still too full all night to eat any, so we still have it for tomorrow. The appetizer we got was their nachos, which were delicious. Really thick, crunchy, salty chips with lots of tasty toppings.

4. We also went to Hot Topic and the Disney Store while we were down there, and apparently that Hot Topic is going out of business, so everything was 50% off. Carla got a Stitch mug, Pikachu earrings, and some other stuff, all for super cheap.

5. Look at this sleepy Molly. So relaxed up on the top shelf where no kittens can bother her.

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