Jan. 15th, 2017

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1. Chloe and Jasper played a lot today! Mostly chasing around the house, which is good, because Chloe is always wanting someone to chase her. And Molly came over to examine him once when he was in quiet mode (he had just been sleeping until she came in the room). She didn't get right up close, but was a couple feet away. Progress!

2. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I've gotten so spoiled by Prime that it's really annoying to order things from other websites or (as in this case) from non-Prime shippers. But since Miracle Mask is no longer being published, my choices were rather limited and the Prime shippers were all much more expensive. Anyway, I've only played a little bit so far, but am of course enjoying it.

I had to turn off 3D for it, though, as I do with most games. The problem with 3D is if you move the 3DS even a tiny bit (or move your eyes the wrong way), everything gets blurry and out of focus, and I always seem to be moving it. But in order to make things 3D, they changed the art style a bit and the graphics don't look as good (even in 3D, the characters look polygon-y). So that's a bummer. Also if there are puzzles that require 3D I guess I'll have to be turning it on and off.

3. Look at this cutie little guy! He likes to hop into my chair as soon as I get up.

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1. There's only one guy on Sunday mornings who can drive the forklift and today he went home sick before the truck came, so I had to go in around 8:30 for the delivery (when I normally go in around 11 on Sundays), which was not what I wanted to be doing with my morning, but at least I was already awake and at my desk, not awakened by the phonecall, and it meant I got home earlier than I usually do on Sundays.

2. I have tomorrow off, which means more time to spend with Jasper!

3. There was a new Simpsons tonight (a two-parter, actually) and it was pretty good! This season has been more miss than hit for me, but this was one of the better ones.

4. I got this super cute pic of Chloe yesterday. I walked by her and was like omg don't move! and ran to get my camera and thankfully she hadn't moved.


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