Jan. 14th, 2017

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1. We have tickets to see Puffy AmiYumi in April! We saw them once before here in LA like fifteen years or so ago and I know they've played here since then, but this time we have the money and there was no conflicting plans or anything, so I bought the tickets! I actually didn't even know they were still together, but apparently they had a new album fairly recently, so I should listen to that at some point soon.

2. There was no bed-wetting this morning! We put Jasper to sleep in his carrier last night but left the door open. At some point in the early hours of the morning he joined us in bed for a while (no peeing) and then went back to his carrier until Chloe came in around eight to tell me it was breakfast time, at which point he bounded out and went and used the litter box while I got their breakfast. So I really think the problem was that when we had the carrier closed, he was so excited when we let him out that he just wanted to play and didn't realize he needed to pee until it was happening.

3. The kitties are all making really good progress at getting along. Yesterday he and Chloe were showing some progress, but Molly was inside the sofa pretty much all day and didn't really come out for any length of time until we turned off the lights and TV in the living room and started getting ready for bed.

But today she spent most of the day outside of the sofa (though lots of it on high shelves where Jasper can't reach) and generally did her usual thing, while staying away (but not running away) from Jasper. She also sniffed around a lot, which is good, getting used to the fact that everything smells like him now.

Chloe and Jasper have been getting even closer. They even touched noses at one point today, though they immediately jumped back afterwards. They have also been playing a lot of friendly chase around the house. So overall things are progressing really well! The baby gate came today, but I'm just returning it because there's no need to keep them separated anymore and he probably could climb it anyway.

4. We pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch! I still haven't had a chance to watch the new video from last night, but I did watch the new Zelda trailer and the trailer for Mario Odyssey and a few other games, several of which we've also pre-ordered already (though it looks like Mario won't actually be out until the end of the year).

5. Molly and Chloe up on a high shelf to avoid Jasper.

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