Jan. 13th, 2017

torachan: nepeta from homestuck (nepeta)
1. Well, it has been hard to get any translating done this week with all the cat stuff going on, but I did get some done today. (And hopefully maybe have a Himegoto release within the next few days.)

2. We bought Carla a new comforter today and also just in case, a waterproof mattress liner, so at least if he does pee the bed again, it won't soak through to the mattress itself. But I really, really hope he uses the box in the morning! He has no problems at all using it during the day, and pooped and peed many times today (I forgot how much kittens poop!). We're experimenting with putting him to bed in his carrier (which he does associate with sleeping now, and even goes in there for naps on his own during the day) but not closing the door, so hopefully there won't be the same excitement of being let out in the morning, and he can go use the box if he needs to before getting up on the bed and playing.

3. Carla has a doctor's appointment in the morning, so I've already told work I won't be in until afternoon, that way I can be here while she's gone. It also has the advantage of me maybe getting to sleep a bit longer in the morning. Due to kitten pee shennanigans, I only got like four hours of sleep last night.

4. I made brownies tonight and we had some with ice cream and it was so delicious. I honestly can't remember the last time I had brownies.

5. Look at this sweetie! He's like a tiny little fuzzy soot ball.

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