Jan. 12th, 2017

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1. I got a call at six this morning from the person who's supposed to open the store on Wednesdays, that she was having car trouble and would be late. So I had to go in at 6:30 to open the store for the janitor, but luckily I didn't have to actually stay at work then, just wait until the first employee got there and leave, so I was back home before seven and was able to go back to bed for a bit. (See, this kind of thing is why I am really glad to live so close to the store!)

2. It is really, really pouring tonight. (And thankfully wasn't raining when I was going to work or coming home.)

3. It's my day off tomorrow and I can spend all day with my kitties!

4. Alexander was over this evening and Jasper took to him immediately. He is just such a friendly little kitten! He just wants to snuggle and play all the time.

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So this morning for the third time in a row, Jasper peed on the bed. ;_; He has used the litter box successfully during the day for both peeing and pooping, but in the morning right after we let him out of his carrier, even though there is a litter box right in the room, he ignores it to jump up on the bed and play with us. And each time he has ended up peeing on Carla. XD

We have done so much laundry the past couple days! She sleeps with about four blankets and they're all large (one is a comforter) so most of them can't be washed together, so that's like three loads per accident. We cleaned the bed with enzyme cleaner, but didn't think to put it in the wash with the blankets, but I'm doing that this time. I also read that it's a good idea to take the blanket he peed on out of circulation, so we'll be doing that, too.

I'd like to keep him out of the bedroom at night for a while, but I'm not sure, logistically how we can do that. I ordered a gate for the door last night on Amazon and we were thinking of using that and keeping him in the bedroom without putting him in the carrier, but ideally I would like to put him in the bathroom instead. The problem there is that the bathroom door is too narrow for this gate (or indeed any gate I saw on Amazon except for the ones with really large slats that he would be able to get right through).

We're going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today to look for a new comforter for Carla, so I might check out their gates there (I don't think they have any specifically for pets, but they do have a baby section).

Also we were told not to let him have fish because their tummies can't handle it until they're about four months, but we unthinkingly put out salmon for the girls' dinner last night and they didn't eat it all right away (they're used to grazing, even on wet food) and I caught him eating it several times. I picked him up each time and took him back to his own food, but it was clearly enough to give him tummy trouble and he had diarhea-ish poop last night and this morning, which he managed to accidentally step in both times while trying to cover it, necessitating washing his paws in the sink, which he was not a fan of. :(

We put away all the fish-based food for now, though, and will just be giving the girls meat ones, too, for the time being. (They can always have some fish for treats.)


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