Jan. 10th, 2017

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1. We finally went to see Rogue One this morning and it was awesome! I had somehow managed to be almost entirely unspoiled and honestly didn't even know much about the plot except that it involved the Death Star. Now I want to watch A New Hope, which I haven't seen in ages.

2. When we got out of the theater, I finally had an email from the pet rescue...with bad news. The people fostering Rudy had decided they couldn't bear to part with him after all and were going to keep him. Carla and I were both really upset, especially her, since she had really just felt an instant connection with him. Plus having made the decision to get another cat we didn't want to wait any longer.

So after some crying, we decided to go to a pet store over in Culver City that we always pass by that has adoptions every day. They had a lot of kitties there, and had special play rooms where you could take them and play with them first and after spending a little time with a sweet little kitten, we knew we had found another match.

We named him Jasper (original name, Noodle). He's a lot younger than Rudy, only about two and a half months, but he's also a black cat, and is sooooooo cuddly. I really hope the girls end up learning to love cuddles by watching him. He's also so curious. And loves to climb. He was climbing all over us and over everything in the house he could reach. After that photo above, he actually fell asleep right there on my shoulder for a while!

The girls are not happy about him. Molly just went and hid most of the afternoon and evening, and Chloe nosed around but every time she got anywhere near him, either he or she started hissing. (She also hissed at me once when I picked her up, presumably because I smelled to much like Other Cat.)

For the night, we've got him in the cat carrier. We have a fairly large one that's big enough to put a small tray of litter, along with some dry food and water, and still have room for a nice sleeping spot. He settled down as soon as we got him in there, so I think that will be good for him. He was very sleepy but unable to settle down with the whole house to explore, so this will help him get some sleep while also letting the girls be able to walk around the house freely without having to encounter him.

Oh, and even though he's such a tiny little guy, he's already been fixed and is all healed up and everything. They had another black male cat about one year old who had just come in recently and was not yet fixed, so they said we'd have to wait a couple days if we wanted him. We were considering, but we really wanted a cat today, and Jasper was so excited to see us and play with us even from inside his cage (and especially once we got to play with him in the play room). When I thought we were getting Rudy I was kind of relieved to get a kitten who was not a tiny baby because I do feel a bit nervous when they're that tiny, but now we get to see him grow!

He is just the sweetest thing and it's so nice having a cat who's a cuddler again! I really hope they all settle in and start getting along soon.

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