Jan. 9th, 2017

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Well, we didn't come home with a cat today, but we did fill out an application to foster to adopt a sweet little boy.

His name is Rudy and we're probably going to keep that name. This is not the one that Carla had her heart set on from the website, because that one didn't show up, but as soon as this one arrived, she fell in love with him and that was that. He's about eight months old, so a kitten but not a tiny baby, which means he's already fixed and had all his shots, so that will make things easier. He's being fostered with other cats and they said he gets along with other cats and humans well, and is a cuddler, so that all sounds good!

There were quite a few cats there this time (they are primarily a dog rescue that has some cats) including two super cute tiny kittens, a brother and sister that were being fostered together and seemed really bonded. But someone got there before us and had already claimed the boy, otherwise we honestly might have come home with two new kitties. XD

We're going the foster to adopt route just to make sure Chloe and Molly are okay with him, but we would be pretty bummed if it doesn't work out. His current foster family is supposed to contact us soon to set things up. Since we already adopted from this rescue before, they don't need to do another home visit or anything.

I hope they contact us soon! All day my brain has just been like "kitty kitty kitty kitty" and it's hard to concentrate on anything else! XD

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What are you currently reading?
I'm still reading the same books as last time, Raising Steam and Their Eyes Were Watching God, though I did make some progress! I had a doctor's appointment last week and the doctor was running really late and I never get any signal in the hospital, so I just read Raising Steam a lot. I'm about 40% through with it now, and though it's definitely improved since the beginning, it is still kind of a slog. Reading it makes me really wonder if I should even bother reading the final Tiffany Aching book or not. :-/

I am also reading a new manga? manhwa? called Killing Stalking. (It's available in English, Japanese, and Korean, and it's set in Korea so I assume Korean is the original, but the site it's on is that of a Japanese publisher, so I'm not quite sure what to call it. Comic, I guess!) It's a BL series about a guy who's pretty messed up and is stalking the guy he's obsessed with, only to find out that guy is a serial killer. There are thirteen chapters so far and I'm on chapter eight. It's pretty good!

What did you recently finish reading?
Not much, but I did read one volume of a manga I'd had on my ipad for ages. I was clearing stuff off because there is no space on there, and I was going through a handful of series trying to decide if I even wanted to read them anymore, and so I just meant to read a few pages to make a decision, but ended up reading all of volume one, so I guess I will keep reading!

It's called Futsutsuka na Oyako dewa Arimasu ga and is a pretty cheesy tale of a girl who has a hard life and is rescued by a rich old man who decides to adopt her as his grandson's daughter, and is very clearly eventually going to lead to a romance between her and her adoptive father.

What do you think you'll read next?
Really just want to finish Raising Steam! D: I love Discworld and the other Moist books are my top favorites of all of them, so it's really a bummer that this one suffered so much qualitywise.


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