Jan. 8th, 2017

torachan: a kitten looking out the window (chloe in window)
1. Alexander was over tonight and he hadn't seen last week's Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet, so we rewatched it with him. Such a good episode! (Though I still can't believe they're making us wait until spring with that cliffhanger. Argh!)

2. I'm pretty much finished with The Last Specter now. I did all the main puzzles, found all the things, did all the mini games, and am now just playing the bonus puzzles until Miracle Mask arrives in the mail.

3. We are going to a pet adoption event tomorrow morning. We've been talking vaguely about wanting to get another cat for a while, and it's finally gone from "maybe someday" to "well, let's go take a look". One reason I'd like another cat is that while Chloe and Molly get along well, they have very different personalities and Molly is content to look out the window all day and be quiet, whereas Chloe really, really wants someone to play with her. So she spends a lot of her awake time bugging me or Molly or Carla to play, and I her mews are so sad! It would be nice if we could get her a playmate.

I just worry about introducing a new cat to them. They have some kitty friends that they see out the windows or screendoors, but since they are indoor cats, they have never actually interacted with other kitties since we adopted them when they were about two months old. idk, I don't really want to upset the balance, but I also want another cat. XD

Do any of you have experience with introducing new cats to your household? Any tips? The articles I read all said to try and separate them at first, but that's really hard in a house as small as ours, especially since Chloe can't abide closed doors and will kick at the bedroom or bathroom door if you close it.

How could this sweet kitten be an asshole????

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