Jan. 3rd, 2017

torachan: palmon smiling (palmon)
1. My cold really does seem to be getting better. Still lingering slightly, but hopefully after resting today maybe that will be the last of it? (I feel like I've had this cold for a couple weeks now. With things so busy at work it's just lingered forever.)

2. I basically did not do anything today. I faffed about on the internet, read some manga and a bit of Raising Steam, played Professor Layton, watched TV, and really that's it. A teensy bit of scanlation stuff, though sadly not as much as I'd wanted, but honestly after the hecticness of the last month it felt good to just relax and do nothing.

3. There was some kitty fighting earlier in the day over who got the best spot on the sofa, but later they settled into cuddling and were just so adorable.

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