Jan. 1st, 2017

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1. We went to Honey's Kettle and got delicious fried chicken after I got off work. Haven't been there in years, but we really should go more often.

2. Tomorrow is going to be hectic in the morning with people picking up sushi tray orders and stuff, but the worst of the holiday busyness has passed!

3. Carla got a really nice picture of me holding Chloe tonight! Because the kitties don't really like being held or sitting on laps or stuff like that, I don't have many pictures of me with them, so I'm glad this turned out well (Chloe doesn't look too happy, but she does look cute).

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What are you currently reading?
I have not done hardly any reading since whenever I last posted about it, as early December was pretty much consumed with "scanlate all the things!" and the last week of December was work + exhaustion + Professor Layton, so I'm still in the middle of Raising Steam and Their Eyes Were Watching God. I don't think I've touched the latter at all, and maybe read a bit of the former.

What did you recently finish reading?
I have not finished anything!

What do you think you'll read next?
Well, I just saw mention of a children's mystery series called Murder Most Unladylike and it sounds really good and I've aquired the first four books in the series and am eager to get started, so that is incentive to finish up the two books I have in progress!

2016 Reading Round-up

Having met my goal of 15 books early, I had really hoped to get another book or two read before the end of the year, but that just didn't happen. Still, I'm pleased with having read 15 books, as it's more than I've read in the past few years, and I've set my 2017 goal for 20. It's a bit of a stretch, but I think it's doable.

You can see all 15 books here on Goodreads. It came out almost evenly half non-fiction and half fiction (fiction won by one book), though my favorites this year were definitely fiction: Cuckoo Song and The Girl with All the Gifts.

Mangawise, I read 73 volumes, which can be seen on LibraryThing (it only shows 71 because it won't currently let me edit anything and the two last ones are rereads so I just need to add the 2016 tag to them). That's over 20 volumes more than 2015 (and the same amount as 2014), so even though I feel like I hardly read much anymore, I actually did read more this year than last year. I just really need to be better about setting aside time to read. I'd like to read 100 volumes of manga in 2017, so we'll see how that goes!

Favorite manga of the year was definitely Monster. And I heard that BillyBat just wrapped up recently, so maybe I'll read that this year. I had been holding off until it was done because I don't want to get sucked in and then have to wait for updates. D:


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