Jun. 6th, 2009

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Well, I have all the Andyverse stories on one page now, but I'm still not sure what to do for a title. Series titles are always so much harder than individual story titles! I have "Learning as You Go" right now, but idk. Any thoughts on it?

I really like those stories, though. I forgot how much (especially the last one).

I'm also probably going to put all the Carrie-Anne/Jason/Liam fics on one page, and am similarly stumped for a title. Bah. (I also like these stories a lot!)

I'm also wondering now why I decided to put the headers in italics and maybe I should go back (through all 150ish posts!) and unitalicise them. Argh. I also need to reorganise the sidebar better. And of course I wish I could find a style I liked better, but so few are wide enough for my tastes.
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1. Ten companies have either pulled their sponsorship from KRQX or have clarified that they had already stopped advertising on the show and the list was just not up to date.

2. I went out and pruned our tomatoes yesterday, pulled off a bunch of dead and dying branches and leaves, and they are looking much better. I also found a bunch of new baby tomatoes, as well as one larger one I'd totally missed before. I think between the eight plants we've got 20-25 tomatoes.

3. We had got a steak out of the freezer night before last, but it didn't thaw by the time we were hungry for dinner, so we saved it for yesterday, and then Bruce decided to grill it, so we got some hamburger patties out from the freezer, went to Trader Joe's and bought some hot dogs, and grilled all that up plus a couple chicken breasts, so now we have a ton of grilled meat to look forward to. The hamburgers and hot dogs are great heated up in the toaster oven. They taste almost like they just came off the grill. (We got some salad at TJ's, too, so I think that might be what we do with the chicken. Yum!)

4. I was pretty productive yesterday! I got a ton of stuff checked off my to-do list. Hopefully this weekend will be equally productive. :)
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Title: Skim
Author/Illustrator: Mariko Tamaki (author), Jillian Tamaki (illustrator)
Number of Pages: 144 pages
Book Number/Goal: 31/75 for 2009
My Rating: 5/5

It's 1993 and Kimberly Keiko Cameron, aka Skim, is in grade 10 at a Catholic girls' school. She is: Wiccan, biracial (Japanese-Canadian/white), sort of an outcast, overweight, falling in love with her English teacher, Ms. Archer.

I really loved this. It's so...ordinary. It's not a message book, even though there are lots of things (being Asian, homophobia, being queer, bullying, teen suicide, rumors, divorce, being overweight) that could be turned into big Issues to Teach a Lesson, but they're not. They're just part of what happens. That's part of what makes this feel like a story about teens rather than a story particularly for teens (though it's not inappropriate for teens by any means).

I really love the art, too. The style is obviously Japanese-influenced...but not manga-influenced. Instead, it immediately calls to mind traditional Japanese paintings (check out the cover here), which makes for a rather unique comic style and one I really enjoyed.


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