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Travis ([personal profile] torachan) wrote2011-04-23 01:17 am

3 Weeks for DW: Transfic Mini Fest Round 2!

Guys! [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw starts on Monday and like last year, I want to have a commentfic fest for trans characters. If you weren't around for last year's fest, you can take a look at this entry to get an idea.

I want to start collecting prompts over the weekend, so that when 3W4DW starts on Monday, we can all get started posting fills right away. Like last year, the format is going to be that of a kink meme, where each prompt goes in a separate comment, and stories are posted directly in response to the prompt.

Prompts can be from any fandom, RPF or FPF, and can focus on either canonically trans characters or characters who are trans for the purposes of the fic. Prompts can be het, slash, or gen. No restrictions on rating. Really, no restrictions on anything, except be respectful, which should go without saying.

Prompts do not have to be "about" being trans. They can be something as simple as a pairing or a pairing + word/kink/lyrics. The point is simply to have more stories starring trans people. So if you want to write about issues, that's cool. If you just want to write a PWP, that's fine, too. Just one or more of the main characters in the fic needs to be trans. You can specify in your prompt who you want to be trans and what sort of trans you want them to be, or you can not specify anything and leave it up to the writer.

For the purposes of this fest, trans means anyone who does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth, including genderqueer/non-binary people. Intersex characters are also welcome.

What I am not looking for is traditional "genderswap" fic, stories about cis people crossdressing, etc. and if you choose to leave/fill a prompt for intersex characters, please no sci-fi/fantasy "hermaphrodites", only real intersex conditions.

One change from last year is that I will be adding prompts and fills to the transfic mini fest delicious for easier browsing. I'm still not fussed about the format of prompts, but I would ask that you please include full names of characters, because when adding the tags last year I had to spend way too much time googling names. -_-

Also, please don't repost prompts from last year. If people want, they can still fill those prompts by responding to the original comment on the post linked above. I will be posting a list of fills every day, so new fills won't get overlooked just because they're on the old post.

Anon commenting is on, so feel free to leave anon prompts and fills if you want.

After posting a fill, consider reposting to [community profile] transfic or (after the three weeks are up) the trans stories collection on AO3. If you post to AO3, there is also a canonical tag for the fest that you can use. And of course I'll be adding all fics to my transfic master list on delicious. :)

Feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear. (By which I mean questions about the fest. This is not Trans 101. If your questions are along the lines of "what does mtf mean?" please ask Google instead.)

Now get prompting! :D (I've started leaving some prompts already, so just check the comments if you're unclear about formatting.)

ETA 4/26: 3W4DW has begun and the fest is now open to fills! Please, please continue to leave prompts throughout the fest. I know I will!

When you post a fill, please use FILL in the subject line (if your fic is untitled, then just FILL will do; if you have a title, then FILL: Your Title Here). The reason for this is that hopefully we will get so many prompts and fills that comments will collapse, making it difficult to find fills unless they're marked.

Other guidelines for fills:

Prompts may be filled more than once.

If your fic is longer than one comment (though on DW that's less likely to happen), please post the subsequent parts as replies to the first part rather than replies to the prompt. That makes it easier to link directly to the fic.

You may repost your fic to your journal or any DW comms immediately, but remember not to crosspost anywhere outside of DW until three weeks from the posting date. /ETA
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FILL: "Sugar & Snails"

[personal profile] agent_squeaks 2011-04-26 07:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Sometimes, he might still wear his hair in tails even though it's too short to do that and they stick out in every direction. And sometimes, he still slides on a skirt, just to see how it feels but it never lasts long and it's never out in public.

But he still talks to the squirrels [they never mess up his pronouns or his name] and he still loves animals [they don't ask questions] and Octi's still his best friend [he doesn't judge or try to make him change who he is] and he's still the same as he ever was.

And he's still cute. Possibly even cuter than before, now that he's happy.