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3 Weeks for DW: Transfic Mini Fest Round 2!

Guys! [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw starts on Monday and like last year, I want to have a commentfic fest for trans characters. If you weren't around for last year's fest, you can take a look at this entry to get an idea.

I want to start collecting prompts over the weekend, so that when 3W4DW starts on Monday, we can all get started posting fills right away. Like last year, the format is going to be that of a kink meme, where each prompt goes in a separate comment, and stories are posted directly in response to the prompt.

Prompts can be from any fandom, RPF or FPF, and can focus on either canonically trans characters or characters who are trans for the purposes of the fic. Prompts can be het, slash, or gen. No restrictions on rating. Really, no restrictions on anything, except be respectful, which should go without saying.

Prompts do not have to be "about" being trans. They can be something as simple as a pairing or a pairing + word/kink/lyrics. The point is simply to have more stories starring trans people. So if you want to write about issues, that's cool. If you just want to write a PWP, that's fine, too. Just one or more of the main characters in the fic needs to be trans. You can specify in your prompt who you want to be trans and what sort of trans you want them to be, or you can not specify anything and leave it up to the writer.

For the purposes of this fest, trans means anyone who does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth, including genderqueer/non-binary people. Intersex characters are also welcome.

What I am not looking for is traditional "genderswap" fic, stories about cis people crossdressing, etc. and if you choose to leave/fill a prompt for intersex characters, please no sci-fi/fantasy "hermaphrodites", only real intersex conditions.

One change from last year is that I will be adding prompts and fills to the transfic mini fest delicious for easier browsing. I'm still not fussed about the format of prompts, but I would ask that you please include full names of characters, because when adding the tags last year I had to spend way too much time googling names. -_-

Also, please don't repost prompts from last year. If people want, they can still fill those prompts by responding to the original comment on the post linked above. I will be posting a list of fills every day, so new fills won't get overlooked just because they're on the old post.

Anon commenting is on, so feel free to leave anon prompts and fills if you want.

After posting a fill, consider reposting to [community profile] transfic or (after the three weeks are up) the trans stories collection on AO3. If you post to AO3, there is also a canonical tag for the fest that you can use. And of course I'll be adding all fics to my transfic master list on delicious. :)

Feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear. (By which I mean questions about the fest. This is not Trans 101. If your questions are along the lines of "what does mtf mean?" please ask Google instead.)

Now get prompting! :D (I've started leaving some prompts already, so just check the comments if you're unclear about formatting.)

ETA 4/26: 3W4DW has begun and the fest is now open to fills! Please, please continue to leave prompts throughout the fest. I know I will!

When you post a fill, please use FILL in the subject line (if your fic is untitled, then just FILL will do; if you have a title, then FILL: Your Title Here). The reason for this is that hopefully we will get so many prompts and fills that comments will collapse, making it difficult to find fills unless they're marked.

Other guidelines for fills:

Prompts may be filled more than once.

If your fic is longer than one comment (though on DW that's less likely to happen), please post the subsequent parts as replies to the first part rather than replies to the prompt. That makes it easier to link directly to the fic.

You may repost your fic to your journal or any DW comms immediately, but remember not to crosspost anywhere outside of DW until three weeks from the posting date. /ETA
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[personal profile] karmageddon 2011-04-23 03:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Stargate Atlantis, FtM John Sheppard/writer's choice, I can't be the strong one all the time
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FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] bluflamingo 2011-04-29 03:41 pm (UTC)(link)
John hates the look on Cam's face when John says, "I'm not going," a mix of disappointment and resignation and sadness and lack of surprise.

"I thought you wanted to," Cam says, holding the invitation – a reunion of the unit they both served in, back before John left the military – and looking at John across their kitchen table.

"Woman's prerogative to change her mind," John says, hating the words, hating the way they sound coming out, and Cam winces and says, "Don't. You're not – don't say that."

John bites his lip, wants to say sorry, wants to say something else that will hurt Cam the way this hurts John.

"They won't care," Cam says, softly.

John shakes his head, crosses his arms defensively across his body and hates that he's still doing that, when he doesn't have parts that he wants to make disappear any more. "They will."

Cam makes a frustrated sound, and John wishes he was the kind of person who could say the rest: that there will be questions and awkward silences and the wrong pronouns, the wrong name, people who don't want to talk to him now, people who don't want to sit with him or drink with him and don't know what to say. That people will think the wrong things about Cam and the wrong things about the two of them together, even though they can't say they're together.

And he just knows that someone will ask, "Why didn't you just stay a woman, if you're going to shack up with a man?" They have before.

He can't face it. Even with Cam, even for the people he wants to see, even for the faint promise of maybe better, he can't do it. Not after having to give up a job he loved because he couldn't bear pretending any more.

"You don't have to – they'll get used to it."

John shakes his head again, feeling exhausted. "I don't want them to have to get used to me." It's why he's only open about being gay, and then only with people he knows are safe, won't cause trouble for Cam – he sacrificed his family and the air force and most of his friends to be John Sheppard in every way, and now he has a life that he likes. He's not prepared to wreck that, not for anyone. Not even for Cam.

"I don't want to go," he says. "I know I said okay, but I don't want to."

There's a very long silence, while John studies the floor, afraid to look at Cam. It's been five years since they met up again by coincidence and John still hasn't lost the fear that one day Cam will decide he's too much trouble and leave him, no matter what Cam says.

"I wish you'd change your mind," Cam says quietly. "They're your friends as well."

"They used to be," John corrects. "And they weren't, not really."

"That's not fair."

"That's the truth," John corrects. "They were friends with the person they thought I was, not me."

"They'll be friends with you for real if you give them a chance."

"Like they'll be friends with you if you tell them you're gay and living with me?" John asks, because Cam doesn't get it, Cam will never get it, because he's too fucking nice to not believe that everyone will come around eventually, and John's sick of being the one who has to tell him the world's not like that, that there are people who hate him because he wasn't born with a dick like he should have been and Cam knows some of them.

"John," Cam says, sounding helpless, sounding hurt, and John should stop, he knows he should. He knows this isn't fair.

"My father told me he was glad my mother didn't live to see this, my brother won't let me near his kids, I'm afraid to tell your family because I don't know what will happen if they ask you to choose." John has to stop for a second, or he's just going to fall apart, right here in their kitchen in the middle of the day with the sun streaming in. "I can't risk anyone else. I'm not that strong."

It feels like a terrible admission, because Cam's always telling him, "You're the strongest person I know," Cam admires him for what he did, and John likes that, he loves it, because there aren't that many people who feel the same. Except that sometimes he hates it too, because sometimes it's too hard and he wants to stop and he *can't,* that's not an option any more but God, he wants it to be some days.

"All right," Cam says, and when did he get so close, close enough to put his hand on John's arm. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pushed, I'm sorry."

John nods, breathes ragged and deep. He wants to touch, but he's not sure he can move. Cam doesn't hug him, and he's grateful, so he just stays where he is, letting Cam's hand on his arm hold him together.

He doesn't ask are you disappointed in me? and it's only partly because he's afraid of the true answer. The rest is because he knows Cam's answer, and he doesn't want to hurt Cam by asking for it.

"I love you," Cam says, and he doesn't say that's never going to change, because John asked him to stop and Cam does listen. Even if he doesn't like what John says – which he didn't, at the time – he listens and he tries to comply. Like how John tries not to push at Cam just because he's afraid; like how John tries not to ask for more than he thinks it's fair to ask Cam to give.

"Me, too," he says, because he doesn't say the words, not ever. It's easier like this – easier to believe it won't be as fucking awful as he knows it will be if Cam leaves him.

He doesn't think 'when,' and that's another concession he makes to Cam and their compromise of a relationship that Cam's not allowed to talk about.

"It's gonna be okay," Cam says, and John nods, because he wants to believe, and that's nearly as good as believing for real.
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] gaffsie 2011-04-29 04:36 pm (UTC)(link)
John is so brave, and Cam's so understanding. I ♥ them both.
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] paian 2011-04-29 05:09 pm (UTC)(link)
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] tesserae 2011-04-29 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Heartbreaking (and such an interesting twist on the way genderqueer is usualy written for John!)
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] bluflamingo 2011-04-29 08:28 pm (UTC)(link)
such an interesting twist on the way genderqueer is usualy written for John

Do you mind if I ask in what way?
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] tesserae 2011-05-01 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
Just that I've never seen John's gender/sexuality constructed as FtM and gay - I think most of what I've read has been MtF, either surgically or via some form of alien interference. And, too, he seems sort of crushed by the weight of it in this as well....
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] bluflamingo 2011-05-01 11:24 am (UTC)(link)
I never thought about it, but now I do, you're probably - usually it's Rodney who's FtM, because of Meredith I suppose.

And, too, he seems sort of crushed by the weight of it in this as well

I like to think that most of the time it's better - that he doesn't actually spend all of his time being this afraid - and it's just bad in this moment because of what being invited to the reunion drags up for him. But I don't know because there's also the whole thing about not being able to be open, and now I want to write a whole long story about this version of John.
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] karmageddon 2011-04-30 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you for writing this. You write them so well.
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] bluflamingo 2011-05-01 11:24 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you for leaving the prompt - I read it and knew exactly what I wanted to write, which is pretty rare for me
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] calvinahobbes 2011-05-01 09:46 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, my heart. This was sad but hopeful -- just the right amount. I love the relationship you've painted out for them, the way they're both working on it.
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] bluflamingo 2011-05-01 11:25 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you! They're my favourite pairing ever, and I think I'm functionally incapable of writing them not working it out in the end
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] secondsilk 2011-05-18 10:50 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, John.
This is so gorgeously poised, tense, just that fragile space.
I like the way that they have made that space for themselves, the things that they don't ask for.
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Re: FILL: Waiting To Believe (SGA/SG1, John/Cam)

[personal profile] bluflamingo 2011-05-18 05:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you!