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3 Weeks for DW: Transfic Mini Fest

ETA: While cis people are more than welcome to participate (and many have), please be aware that this is not for you or about you. The goal of this fest is to increase representation of trans people in fanfic and to celebrate the diversity of the trans community. I would like this fest first and foremost to be a safe space for trans people, one in which we are the norm and don't have to explain or justify ourselves. Both prompts and fills may contain terms, concepts, etc. that are unfamiliar to cis people. If you find yourself confused, hit up Google or Wikipedia. Do not ask people here to educate you.

[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw starts on Monday the 26th, so I want to start collecting prompts for the transfic mini fest.

This is going to work like a kink meme, with one prompt per comment and then people post fills directly in response to the prompts. It will be open for new prompts during the fest as well, but I wanted to get the prompting started a little early so that there is stuff there once the fest officially starts.

Please don't post any fills until Monday (in your timezone), but you can start writing right away if something catches your eye.

Since I'm not compiling prompts, there's no specific format. Be as brief or detailed as you like, but make sure to include the fandom and characters (or specify "any fandom/character").

Prompts can be from any fandom, RPF or FPF, and can focus on either canonically trans characters or characters who are trans for the purposes of the fic. Prompts can be het, slash, or gen. No restrictions on rating. Really, no restrictions on anything, except be respectful, which should go without saying.

Prompts do not have to be "about" being trans. They can be something as simple as a pairing or a pairing + word/kink/lyrics. The point is simply to have more stories starring trans people. So if you want to write about issues, that's cool. If you just want to write a PWP, that's fine, too. Just one or more of the main characters in the fic needs to be trans. You can specify in your prompt who you want to be trans and whether you want them to be mtf or ftm, or you can not specify anything and leave it up to the writer.

For the purposes of this fest, trans means anyone who does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. Genderqueer and intersex characters are also welcome.

What I am not looking for is traditional "genderswap" fic, stories about cis people crossdressing, etc. and if you choose to leave/fill a prompt for intersex characters, please no sci-fi/fantasy "hermaphrodites", only real intersex conditions.

Feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Anon commenting is on, so feel free to leave anon prompts and fills if you want.

After posting a fill, consider reposting to [community profile] transfic or (after the three weeks are up) the trans stories collection on AO3. If you post to AO3, there is now a canonical tag for the fest that you can use. And of course I'll be adding all fics to my transfic master list on delicious. :)

ETA (4/26/10): It is now the 26th in my timezone! You may begin posting fills!

A few guidelines for posting:

If posting a fill longer than will fit in one comment box, please post any subsequent parts as replies to the fill, rather than the prompt, so that it may be more easily linked.

Please put "fill" and the title of your fic (if you have one) in the subject line, so it's easier for people to find the fics.

Prompts can be answered more than once.

You may repost immediately on your DW or in another DW comm, but remember, no reposting outside of DW until three weeks after the date you post the fill.

ETA (5/18/10): The three weeks are over, but I will not be officially closing the fest. Please continue to leave both prompts and fills as long as you like.

The master list of fills is here.

I will have a master list of prompts at some point in the future as well, but it's a bigger job.


(Anonymous) 2010-05-14 05:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Dead Like Me, intersex!Daisy, layers.

When Daisy was born, she was almost named Devon. But the doctors said it would be easier to operate in the other direction, to make her more feminine, so the Adairs nodded and looked at each other, and Mr. Adair mentioned an aunt named Daisy, and that was that.

They never told her, but Daisy always knew she was different. She was her mother's beautiful girl and her dad's pride and joy, but something was just a little off. She tried not to think about it.

She was a good actress, pretending to be Daisy all the time, and she was drawn to handsome men, so perhaps it was inevitable, the person she became.

She didn't learn who she was, really, until after she died.


She wasn't sure what possessed her to steal her medical records. Like many Reapers, she was clutching at the person that she'd lost. Everyone grieved differently, and grieving for yourself was wildly personal in any case.

If she'd actually thought about it, flirting with the doctor that had delivered her would be a little creepy, but she'd always liked older men. She only had to hint around a little, make up something about birth parents (she saw it in a movie she was an extra in), and he was handing her the file.

There it was, in plain black text: born hermaphrodite.

She scribbled down her parents' names and left the office without hearing anything else the doctor said.

She stepped into a bookstore and found a dictionary. The definition wasn't very clear.

She'd figure it out, though.
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Re: FILL: Act

[personal profile] trascendenza 2010-05-16 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, thank you for this! ♥ ♥ I think Daisy would have that kind of tenacity to find out, and this line: She'd figure it out, though. So very her.

Re: FILL: Act

(Anonymous) 2010-05-17 05:07 am (UTC)(link)
Glad you liked! ♥