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Pushing Daisies

By Monday I still hadn't watched last week's Pushing Daisies, so I just decided to save it and watch last week's and this week's together.

Okay, Chuck's dad is getting creepier and creepier all the time, and not just because he's dead! He does not seem like a nice guy at all. This is making me more and more curious about him, Dwight, and Ned's dad. I thought maybe it was going to turn out that Ned's dad was really a nice guy who just had to leave his families blah blah blah, which I actually didn't like, because I liked how he was just a total asshole in the beginning. But now I'm wondering if all three of them are just assholes and Ned and Chuck never realised because they were little kids.

Olive and Emerson working together was SO AWESOME! I am kind of starting to ship them now. But shippiness aside, they were just awesome partners, and I love their banter (well, Emerson makes awesome banter with anyone).

OMG HOW CAN THEY CANCEL A SHOW THIS AWESOME!?!?!?!? It just keeps getting better and better! The Norwegians!!! ♥ I love Orlando Jones!

And wow, so Ned's dad is watching over him? What does Ned's dad know!? I'm actually wondering now if Ned's dad is the only good one. That would be a twist. It seemed Ned killed Chuck's dad, who was innocent, and then his own abandoned him. But what if he killed Chuck's dad, who was actually as bad as Dwight, and Ned's dad really did have a reason to abandon both Ned and his new family? (That would be sad for Chuck, of course, but it would be an awesome twist!)

I really wish they'd let Olive in on the secret. I feel so bad for her! :(

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Maybe the three had a falling out and Ned's dad has to keep moving because of his connection with Dwight.

It seems a bit unfair to have only Charles and Dwight be the assholes and Ned's dad be the good guy, but I could see him being a reformed asshole or something.
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Yeah, I had definitely wondered if he was running from Dwight. I hope it all gets explained before the show ends! D:
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Emerson and Olive working together was golden. I loved the 'oh, hell no' in stereo from last week.

Also, it made me laugh when the narrator said oh hell no for Emerson.

Chuck's dad is creepy and I didn't like him from the beginning. I'm kind of annoyed/yet can understand Chuck's reaction to him.

The moment with Ned and Olive on the ledge made me grin.

I can't believe ABC is canceling this show now. I really hope Fuller does continue the story with comics.
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Yeah, Chuck's dad has been creeping me out ever since they brought him back, but he really got creepier and creepier the more screentime he got. XD

I would love for them to continue the story somehow, though I can't say I'm that thrilled about comics unless it's an online thing.
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I really hope the comics are online. I wouldn't want to have to hunt it down every time a new issue came out.