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Fic reviews: [ profile] yuletide (Huckabees, 2 Penny Arcade, Kavalier & Clay

Well, there are over a thousand fics in the Yuletide archives, but most of them are from books I've never read and TV shows I've never seen. I went through and bookmarked all the fics in all the fandoms I felt like I knew the canon well enough to read. There were some that I know I quite liked at the time, like Narnia and Coldfire Trilogy, and the Prydain stuff, but I just don't remember enough about the canon. I think I bookmarked a bit over a hundred fics. No way will I get through them all before the reveal, and I'm not trying to. But here are the first five I read. Pretty disappointing over all, though I do highly rec the I ♥ Huckabees one.

Coming Together by [ profile] maczazzle 5/5 Recommended
I ♥ Huckabees. 2200 words. Brad, Albert, the world as it is, the world as it was, and existential orgasms.
There may be hardly any fics in this fandom, but what's there is excellent. This really has the feel of the film down, and Albert's voice is perfect. There's bickering and frottage and it's just really great. Now if only there were more Huckabees fic...

Wedding Balls by KelseyML 3/5
Penny Arcade. 1300 words. In which the watche exchanges hands once again, Div is briefly sober, the zombie makes a guest appearance, and Gabe and Tycho get married.
I was very excited to see PA fic, seeing as how I know of only two in existence. This is okay, and there are some funny bits, but overall it just has the feeling of trying too hard to be funny, like it's jumping up and down, waving its arms going "HEY, GUYS, LOOK! LOOKLOOKLOOK! WACKY HIJINKS!!!!!!111!!!"

Happiness Is Fleeting by Kajikia 4/5 Recommended
Penny Arcade. 1300 words. "Please tell me you didn't trade Kara and Brenna for a monkey." "No! Of course not! It was a Playstation 3."
This was better than the previous one, didn't have that same feeling of trying too hard, but I still wasn't completely wowed. I liked the opening a lot and there were some really great lines, though, especially this:

The ornate, freshly painted sign out front declared the ramshackle warehouse to be Mr. Mortimer's Magical Monkey Mporium.

"That missing 'e' kills a tiny part of my soul," Tycho said.

"'Monkey' only has one 'e.'"

And the whole scene in the Mporium was hilarious. If you like PA, you should check it out.

Five Times Sam Clay Finished the Great American Novel by sahiya 4/5 Recommended
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. 2200 words. During the years of Joe's absence, Sammy struggles with "American Disillusionment" and Rosa struggles with her own.
I liked the premise. In the book, Rosa tells Joe that Sam wrote his book five times, so this is structured along the lines of a 5 Things fic, but they're not AUs; it fits in perfectly with the book. I liked it quite a bit.

All Good Things Come to Sticky Ends by Am-Chau 2/5
Seinfeld. Kramer, Jerry/George/Elaine. 1200 words. Looking back on the end of it all, Kramer tried to explain how everything (and everyone) went down.
This has some good bits. Kramer in particular is fairly well done. But the writing is not that great technically, and like the Penny Arcade fic above, it feels like it's trying too hard where the humor is concerned. Also, um. The "joke" is that Elaine is sleeping with both Jerry and George, but for some reason it's a given that George and Jerry are sleeping together as well. I'm not saying I couldn't buy Seinfeld slash, but the story needs to be about that, if it is, not have the slash as some background thing. Oh yeah, they're boyfriends!

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I skipped through Yuletide last night and think the best ones are from Torchwood. Some of them are so beautiful it hurts...but yeah, other than that fandom, I have been disappointed. Maybe next year things the quality will be better?
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Yeah, I saw there were quite a lot of Torchwood fics. I don't watch the show, though, so I skipped them all.

Last year I only found one or two I really wanted to rec, though I definitely read fewer than 100 stories. It's always pretty hit and miss, IMO.