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Travis ([personal profile] torachan) wrote2006-11-16 08:58 am

Fic reviews: 3 LotRiPS + 1 Penny Arcade

Still haven't been reading much fic lately, and the ones I did read were pretty short and I didn't have a terrible lot to say about them... Nevertheless, here they are.

Come Back Around by [ profile] kissing_athelas 5/5 Recommended
LotRiPS. Dom/Lij. 3800 words. Angsty break-up fic with a twist.

Excellent angsty break-up fic with a twist: it's told backwards. It could easily come off feeling gimmicky, but I think it works well here. It makes it feel like a bit more of a mystery. Why did they break up? What went wrong? Rather than just reading it straight from the beginning and seeing the signs and saying, oh this isn't going to end well. It's got lots of little details and just feels very realistic.

U Knows I Loves U! by [ profile] kissing_athelas 3/5
LotRiPS. Dom/Lij. Chav!Dom.

It's just a teensy fic, but it's really quite hilarious. Chav!Dom. Written in chavspeak.

Manifesto by [ profile] kissing_athelas 3/5
LotRiPS. Dom/Lij. 1400 words. If there was one thing Elijah was used to, it was being the centre of attention.

Cute little fic with a nicely manipulative and full-of-himself Elijah.

A Friendly Warning for Those Considering Playing Shadow Hearts: Bangkok Nights by [ profile] littera_abactor 5/5 Recommended
Penny Arcade. 500 words. It goes without saying that we would never have done that thing of which we will not speak if it hadn't been for the secret bistro dungeon level of Shadow Hearts: Bangkok Nights.

Yes. Someone else wrote PA fic. I am no longer alone! *happy dances* And it's so perfect because it's written in the style of a news post! Both Tycho and Gabe's voices are perfect and it's just...gah! So much love!